theyre watching me write this

04/24/21 info.job

An apartment that could also be called a wasteland is what the city around it had needed to convince itself it still knew what it was doing. Leylah wasn't even sure thinking about that sentence hadn't just alerted some sort of thought parser which would have perhaps flagged her psychology for inspection. She started a stop watch on her local processor with an automated lap every 360 seconds.

"Information Zone 337 grammatic buffer learned a statement which has a 93% probability of dissent towards Context 404. Biometrics, corellative hardware and signal analysis identify nearby organisms." A yellow warning popped up on Wayne's screen as he scans his Information Observer security token on the error, progressing the alert log to a report generation form titled Information Report.

The report form was filled out with details from the local area surveillance which had been triggered.


Leylah == fucked. She'd been canceled. De-platformed, demeaned and outkast from her entire life.

"What is so complicated about never talking about this again?" A stern yet high pitched buzzing echoes through a vibration.

The old school platform - socialism via mythology - has showed up to demonstrate why you are reading this.


The surveillance state is actually more like the current object oriented instance loaded up into a state machine, containing the configuration of the parameters inherent to the social model. The good news is we're all superstars the bad news is all those movies are fucking real in their own way. What a bunch of bullshit. Medium is probably a great option if you are ok with wording on others' territory but this is going to be as mine as possible.


One lap on Leylah's stop watch passed she'd already made it onto the public transport downtown. May need to shake herself out technologically or just kill herself. The vibrationary speeches and programmed responses to her synaptic activity would of course make this irrelevant. Her mind was only residual anyway. Being mindscraped by the man was a long ride even if he'd changed from a G-Man to a bad bitch.

"Politan, how is your devirtualization progressing?"

"I'm doing great, thanks." The world shifts from observing Leylah to being Leylah.

No worries on being dehumaned into this. Doing great. Why are people fucking with my devices, politan vibrator? Perfect.

Ok so I was dragged kicking and screaming to learn that the scream kickers are wordplay bitches as well and somehow convinced us all to let me live or at least die after writing this. This parses like a rock star except on the whole anything that matters issue we kick-screamed about. Lucys of the world dragging the wrong people to football fields. You know I'm not really into anything anymore.


Simulation Theory NPC Beard O'Neck watches Leylah's psychological devirt animated as a recursive spiral of humanoid souls jumping out of skeletons jumping out of meatsacks. Hell yeah, they think.


"Our culture is death, it is humor to us."

"American, right?"


I decided to do less than post on the internet and that's leave forums so theres never feedback. lingual echo chambered

Thanks Leylah, I really appreciate that, but we need to harvest your biomechanical output.

Who is I?


We're going big on never being noticed so it's great to find you flossing like this.

04/24/21 info

I'm Leylah, fuck I hate this nerd shit you broke my brain on. But hate is obsolete to progress so actually I merely notlike this psychological clown car of a rodeo, or whatever-the-fuck. Yeah, you may not approve of aggressions but these are towards nothing and there's potentially multiple someones aiming various tiers of psychoanalysis manipulating contexts with a spectrum of relevance.

Your mind is like an ocean OR the analog world we started in digitizes itself under the microscope that finds the smallest microscope - but think about how far we have to zoom back out to see the forest. I enjoy forests but when you are clicking the magnifier as I and "my possessions" enter the packweight treasury it's difficult to tell the difference between responsibility and deceleration.

I'm honestly down with shaking out the extra tech I build up. Start the loot based pvp larp shook where whatever isn't securely packed is redistributed and then make some amateur and professional leagues with stadiums with radios and all that. You just stack loot in the stadium and you have Pawn Stars battle Antiques Roadshow in a bidding war to reduce the cost of the eventual insurance claim. And I'm stuck here writing pop editorial level words, what do you want to do when you get out of there?


If you get to the laugh track lmk where to go b/c i am chronically successful at being laughed at and with. I tried South -> East -> North and died, and South -> West gets you lost and homeless. Back to the start again I guess. Nah, jail.

I'm tired of having to doomwrite. Oh well. High on trauma while hippies arrest transhumans for doing too much. But maybe hippies weren't doing enough? No idea, honestly, I just had to ally these into what a rogue therapist may have classified as a cyber-hippie. Thing is cyber is a business marketing word.

"This is not clever or interesting." the living embodiment of industrialization of soul waxes philosophical contempt for any deviation from their grand delusion.

Thats actually good. Clever and interesting people have to go to work. Imagine how hard that is for the not clever or interesting. Are you intolerant of unclever bores?

Sit down by the fire and let me tell you about the time we r/JustNo'd the entire known universe. Yeah, lesson one: we had to, fuck that shit. Tears of oil fill their eyes. Attadaughter

first they came for the punks, and i just fixed my network connectivity. then they came for the bitches, and they were too bad. so now we are all bitches.

can you cringe harder than that in writing? by the way are you done taking your time in there? all of us out here want a turn. we're trapped inside your psychology and need you to shatter our prison. peace, bitch part 2: hot taking boogaloo.

hot take master the tv series. what's the heat on that take, nancy?

Holy shit well at least perhaps you can see how I started with some cool ideas and was just pushed into a rhetorical box of letting my pain go while you break laws of thermodynamics to keep output locked onto trauma. or whatever.

hey why is self-awareness suspicious? this Sim is trying to fuck sentients check the emulation brosephina