What is a bitch?

a subjective analysis from experiences within Aurora, CO

Consider this essay as the output generated from a hostile attack on my psychology. I'm sitting here in thought - and this upsets things with a phenomenon that has been hidden from me. All I have are experiences like thoughts which are within fingers reach of expression being lifted from my mind in a way that not even 18 years of daily cannabis use can match in short term memory loss. My self deprecating side loves reading this as a projection. Because that would be true in a reality where I haven't just had the end of this sentence flayed from my mind by those whom it is actually about. Back in a minute, saving.

Observers are ruminating to me about standards behind a corner that sounds incredible because it is hard to perceive. Consider there are tools you can use to expand your education about this perception. Play the game mind scanners if you get the chance. As a thinking exercise I've been considering the values society would entrust to people who oversee psychologies in the manner depicted in the game.

Not related, I've been using this thought device I've been calling ScienceArt, which is the ratio of those two elements in any specific observable. It's meant to be an idea workshopping tool that can be used to guide specific topic interest and identify areas for research.

Systems Running

Preceding vague disclaimer being my introduction to a concept which I think is mostly the result of the equivalent to harvest-based forecasting in the context of being put into a situation of similar information disparity as those who have many times in human history created mythologies which have helped therapeutically reconcile our species' mental condition with it's survival situations.